Trees365 6/365

Trees365 6/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today was a 'snow day' - school was closed due to the weather conditions. Which meant lots of fun in the garden building snowmen and being pelted with snowballs - which I think is a part of 'education' too.

This afternoon, I ventured up the hill and along the (very slippery) path to visit the Tesco local and took this photo which captured the afternoon - the sun shining on the snow and very few cars on the road. Very peaceful!

In this photograph, I like the colour of the clouds and sky behind the tree, and also the way that the tree grows out of the middle of the road! (it is on a small island at a V junction)

Another snow day (for me anyway) tomorrow :oD


Anonymous said...

This one's my favourite. I love the definition of the colours and the contrast between the straight lines of the buildings and the branches of the tree.

Trees would be a good theme. Might give it a go.