Trees365 120:365

Trees365 120:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A pain in the heel of my foot has kept me from running this week.

However, not to be defeated in my need to keep active, I got on my bike and went for an hour's ride around Sutton Park.

This tree stands on Meadow Platt, and I recall sheltering under it aged about 10 on a school trip to do some pond dipping. The heavens opened and there was thunder and lightning. It seemed much bigger then.....

Trees365 119:365

Trees365 119:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today we have a guest tree from Hampshire supplied by the lovely Miss Lexie.

A rather lovely fruit tree I believe, complete with bird feeder and beautifully painted fence (it's not that red!!) Obviously an eco-friendly house as the compost bin is peeking into the picture too!

If it ever dies, you could make a mighty big catapult with that tree don't you think?

Trees365 118:365

Trees365 118:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A different tree today - a rather pretty one at Kings Norton CLC.

They also have a rather lovely hat stand complete with hats!

Bonus tree!

world at an angle., originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today you get a bonus tree, taken by isaac.

I gave him my iPhone and told him to take some pictures of trees as I drove him back from a mate's house.

This was my favourite - world at an angle! Beautiful tree at a quirky angle.

Trees365 117:365

Trees365 117:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Taken whilst driving - well, I was at a junction and stopped with my handbrake on!

Sometimes when I'm driving along, i see the most beautiful trees and am sorely tempted to slam on my brakes, whip out my iPhone and snap a shot. Common sense usually prevails - hence I live to see another day.

Loved the vibrant pink of these trees. Not my best photo but considering the circumstances, not bad.

Trees365 116:365

Trees365 116:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I am so enjoying the weather at the moment. Time spent in the garden reading a great book (if you haven't read Notes from an exhibition by Patrick Gale, I can recommend it!), trampolining and laughing with the boys (husband included in that) and to cap it all, beautiful blossom on the trees.

Quite proud of this picture!

Trees365 115:365

Trees365 114:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A beautiful walk back from church today, and I saw this tree. Full of blossom.

Lovely :o)

Trees365 114:365

Another guest tree today, this time from Paul Busst, my 'boss' in my role as BGfl Curriculum Associate - MFL.

This tree, which he calls 'the hand tree' used to in a neighbouring garden, but it was recently chopped down.

I'm sure there was a good reason for doing it, but looking at the picture, I can understand Paul's sadness at the loss!

Trees365 113:365

Trees in the park, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Had a very wheezy chest half way through my morning run with SEFitness so i had to walk part of the way.

That gave me the opportunity to take a few pictures.

And I came across this tree - with a face on it! Looks like a dragon to me. What do you think?

Trees365 112:365

Trees365 112:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Not a great fan of holly - spent last weekend massacring a couple of hollybushes and discovering that I come out in blotches and itch madly I touch it.

However, I like this corridor of trees - it's towards the end of a regular run, uphill and steep in the middle, but nearly back.

Trees365 111:365

Trees365 111:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I thought I'd taken a photograph of this tree when it was bare, but it seems I didn't!

Well, now it's covered in blossom and is very pretty. Not quite reached that magic time when you see little toddlers appearing from under the bowing branches. But that time will come soon.

Trees365 110/365

Trees365 110/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I didn't take this photograph today but I loved it and Friday was one of those when i took lots of really good tree pictures that were too good to waste!

Love the knobbles on the trunk of this tree! Was very tempted to climb it.....

Trees365 109/365

Today's tree is courtesy of Doug Dickinson aka @orunner who has a 365 blog as well.

He posted this tree under the title 'A tree for Lisibo' - and I gratefully accepted!

A lovely tree it is too!

Trees365 108:365

Trees365 108:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I'm in the Worship group at church and I often stand on the platform and gaze out of the window at the trees across the road.

So i took this photograph last night - before the service started I should add!

Trees365 107/365

Trees365 107/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A sunny day in Sutton Coldfield and off we went to the Park for an icecream.

We sat by Blackroot Pool and enjoyed the view.

Trees365 106/365

Trees365 106/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Back from ATI in Cheltenham - and exhausted!

We spent the morning at Baddesley Clinton, a National Trust Property near Knowle, Solihull.

I've really missed my boys so they had to feature in today's photograph.

Love you boys xx

Trees365 105/365

Trees365 105/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A final tree from Cheltenham, with a funky lamppost too.

Trees365 104/365

Trees365 104/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A beautiful cedar tree, again at Cheltenham College.

Walked past this on the way to my classroom everyday and was struck by its beauty everytime.

Trees365 103/365

Trees365 103/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Tree number 3 from Cheltenham ATI.

Another beautiful broad tall green tree.

Trees365 102:365

Trees365 102:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Tree 2 from Cheltenham ATI - on the edge of the cricket pitch!

Love the blossom!

Trees365 101:365

Trees365 101:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

First photo from Apple Teacher Institute in Cheltenham.

And one of many beautiful tree images I've captured.

Trees365 100:365

Trees365 100:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Spring has sprung!


Trees365 99:365

Trees365 99:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Captured this tree on the way back from the Gadget Show on Friday.

Liked the height and interesting branch structure.

Trees365 98:365

Trees365 98:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Playing in the park with the boys today. Had a great game of football.

And saw one of my favourite trees once more.

Trees365 97:365

Image: cwsteeds/flickr
This is Methuselah, the oldest living tree in the world, found in Inyo National Forest California.

This is one of the trees featured in a blog post entitled The Oldest Trees on the Planet shared with me by @spanishblog.

Thanks Karen!

Trees365 96:365

Trees365 96:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I love this tree!

It's a tree with lots of fairy rooms in it, as shown here. This is the ground floor but there are many others as you climb the trunk. Some of the doors are locked and others are open so you can see the rooms.

So quaint!

See more here.

Trees365 95:365

Trees365 95:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Trees of the day today.

Our Easter Monday excursion took us to Birches Valley Country Park, part of Cannock Chase.

Took this photograph as we emerged from den building in the woods. Lovely to see the sun casting shadows.

And great to see such a variety of trees. More pictures will no doubt feature in the future!

Trees365 94:365

Trees365 93:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Happy Easter!

Ok - I guess you could argue that this isn't a tree, but it's my blog and I decide what goes on it!

This is our Pieris and I love it! It smells delightful, and it reminds me of my Grandma who died 20 years ago this month.

In the garden this afternoon, I was drawn by the smell and the sight of bumble bees feasting on the little white bell-like flowers.

Spring has sprung!

Trees365 93:365

Trees365 93:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A lovely piece of bark today!

Not taken today but in December on Cannock Chase.

I love the texture of bark, and remember doing bark rubbing at primary school. Does anyone still do brass rubbing, and bark rubbing, and coin rubbing?

Trees365 92:365

Trees365 92:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Not quite a tree but...

it's Good Friday and it's appropriate.

'It's Friday, but Sunday's coming'

Trees365 91:365

Trees365 91:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Another guest tree today for April 1st.

My friend Chris took this tree on his travels around America last week. This tree was in Nevada - snow is not the first thing to come to mind when I think of that particular part of America but you can't argue with the evidence!

Thanks to Chris for sharing it!