Trees365 59:365

Trees365 59:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Took this whilst out running - just look at that sky!

Not bad considering I tried to keep running whilst taking it ;o)

Trees365 58:365

Trees365 58:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

So behind with my trees!

Another beautiful white trunked tree with fluffy branches!

Trees365 55/365

Trees365 55/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today's tree is another 'oddball' tree, departing from the real to the artistic.

I went to some training on Literacy, EAL and PLL today - and this was given as an example of a writing activity that demonstrates understanding, and creativity.

i liked it so decided to us it as my tree today, for it is a tree after all!

Trees365 54/365

Trees365 54/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

When I went into school this morning to support a pupil in Year 3, they were studying symmetry in 2D shapes, using mirrors to check their answers.

This is the nearest to a symmetrical tree I could find!

Trees365 53/365

Trees365 53/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Another 'tree on the way to school' today.

This one always intrigues me. Some branches so straight, but then others that are very 'loopy'. Makes me wonder why!

Also reminds me of my brain - sometimes capable of keeping straight but often becoming rather loopy!

Trees365 52/365

Trees365 52/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

The world was once more white on Sunday morning and I walked to church, taking the opportunity to take this picture as I crunched through the fresh snow.

I love the way that the tree looks like it's been dusted with icing sugar!

Trees365 51/365

Trees365 51/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today's tree was shot after a flying visit to Sainsbury Local for a baguette and 2 ciabatta rolls!

Think i did well considering the car was moving at the time and it was taken through a car window! I wasn't driving in case you're concerned!

A rather shapely tree near Emmanuel Church in Wylde Green - I like the church featuring in the corner and the shadows.

Trees365 50/365

Trees365 50/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Out of the kitchen door I looked at teatime, and was struck by the colour of the sky.

Not exactly beautiful, but a rather pleasing blue tinged grey.

I've tried to capture it in a picture of down the garden, pointing upwards to the sky. Whispy trees on the right, more solid looking trees on left. And the top of the pirius peeking into the bottom of the picture.

Trees365 49/365

Trees365 49/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today's photo wasn't taken today - it was taken several years ago but I wanted to post it today.

It's a photo of my Dad up a ladder in the garden of my childhood home, cutting the tops off the trees - Leilandi? He always scared the life out of us with his chainsaw at the top of that ladder as he was accident prone (I've inherited his clumsiness!) and in the end he used to sneak out and try to do it when we weren't looking.

My Dad died two years ago today and it makes me smile to think of him up that ladder, listening to Five Live, trying to finish before he was caught!

Miss you Dad xx

Trees365 48/365

Trees365 48/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A mizzly murky day with rain spitting and spluttering. But I liked this tree. Also liked the way i caught the dog out for a walk with its owner.

Trees365 47/365

Trees365 51/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I ventured to the other side of Wylde Green Road today - still the Country Valley Park, but not the bit I usually visit.

This tree stands opposite Bishop Walsh School and caught my eye as it looked so good against the clouds and blue sky. (Do you sense I like blue sky?)

Trees365 46/365

Trees365 50/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Look at that blue sky!

Spring MUST be coming! Blue sky, branches with buds, and a little hint of warmth coming through.


Trees365 45/365

Trees365 45/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Happy Valentines Day.

Today's photograph was taken by my husband, John, as I have iPhone-itis in my right arm and am trying very hard to rest it.

We went for a walk this morning to enjoy the Valentines Day sunshine in the Country Valley Park. This branch belongs to a tree on the left bank of Plantsbrook and caught our eye due to the patches of bright green lichen. I also like the water beneath, reflecting the light.

Trees365 44/365

Trees365 44/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Youngest decided he wanted to go for a bike ride this afternoon which afforded me the opportunity to take some tree photographs as I chased after him.

I chose this tree as it was unusually yellowy orange and had such a profusion of branches and twigs.

Trees365 - extra!

A bonus post today!

@adamsutcliffe tweeted me yesterday with the link to a post entitled Top 10 strangest trees on earth!

What a great selection of trees!

My favourite is below - the Tree of Life from Bahrein.

Trees365 43/365

Trees365 43/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Not a real tree today, but a series of trees across the seasons painted by my son.

I've always liked drawing trees - mine tend to be winter trees as I love the shapes of the bare branches and trunks. Here, my favourite is the spring tree with blossom and sunshine.

Trees365 42/365

Trees365 42/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Another school tree today! Do you see a theme emerging? It's because i've been nowhere else for the last few days - life is mad busy!

However, no apologies for this magnificent tree that stands outside the Willows - the library /ICT/ staff room block. It's huge and full of wildlife! The little kids love hiding behind it and running around the bottom of it. Last year I caught a Grandma and child sitting on the bench outside the willows, staring at the tree. Apparently the child wanted to look at the tree.

Once more I think...

What is life is full of care
we have no time to stop and stare?

Trees365 41/365

Trees365 41/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Yesterday's tree came from my sons' school; today's is from my school.

i love this tree in the Infant playground. There are several of them in the yard, but this one has a bench around the bottom of it - in the summer, it's a good place to sit for some shade.

Roll on those days!!

Trees365 40/365

Trees365 40/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Back to reality today!

This tree is in the grounds of my kids' afterschool club. it must see some fun and games! A lovely shape and a striking colour - not sure the picture does it justice.

Trees365 39/365

Trees365 39/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I know! I know! I didn't take this picture today but I need a pick me up.

The despondency of waking to sleet and snow, and freezing weather, having just left this ... I need to be reminded that the sun DOES shine. So lovely and such a treat to get a 'sunshine top up' in February!

Trees365 38/365

Trees365 38/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

couldn't let my trip to Sevilla go by without an orange tree now could I?

This 'naranjo' is in the small street that linked our hotel to the Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera, home of Real Bétis Balompie.

Blissful - orange, olive and jasmine trees in 25 degree heat, the sun shining, a fountain in the middle of the road, dando un paseo a la española :oD

Trees365 37/365

Trees365 37:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

You could argue that this is a bit of a cheat as the picture was taken the day before and not by me, but this tree saw one of the best and funniest moments of my stay in Sevilla. So fun that I didn't take a decent picture so Lisa came to the rescue and let me use hers from her sightseeing before I arrived!

I had no idea that when I turned a corner down a little street and walked through an archway that I would be transported to Pandora and come across the Tree of Life. I was forced to sit down and contemplate the sight - at which point a Spanish guard came along and informed me that he had to shut the gate so could I move please! Adopting a relaxed Spanish attitude to moving, Helena and I managed to get separated from Lisa and Félix, but spent a lovely 30 minutes trying to find them, confused by their assertion that they were 'next to Starbucks' until we realised that we were next to a different Starbucks that was only 50 yards away!

Trees365 36/365

Trees365 36/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

As identified by my husband and several other Twitter friends when I Twitpic'd this at 5am on Friday, this is my tree of the day!

Well, trees anyway. According to the lovely coach driver from thursday, the lights were put on the trees for Christmas and they've been left as they make the place look a bit 'prettier'. And at 5am, that's a welcome thing, especially when its raining and you could've done with just a little longer in the warm comfortable hotel bed from which you had untimely ripped yourself!

Trees365 35/365

Trees365 35:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

So, here began my Sevilla adventure as I travelled down to Heathrow.

Car, train, train, coach, taxi.

This was taken from the coach window (hence the reflection) - a lovely coach it was too with wifi, heating and a very chatty driver!

Liked the wispy branches on this tree.

Trees365 34/365

Trees365 34/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Good grief! I am sooo far behind with my trees. i've not been neglecting them - I have taken so many pictures of trees this last weekend that I could publish a book on the trees of Sevilla. Just had no time to upload or blog them! However, i'm attempting to put that right this afternoon!

This is my second guest tree, 'donated' by @belletidy who has started her own tree blog Tree shaped sanity and shared this oak tree. It is lovely tree and stands next to the children's play area at BannersGate.

Trees365 33/365

Trees365 33/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I'm surprised it's taken me until February to include a tree from Whitehouse Common on my blog!

We are blessed with the most spacious and varied grounds at school, and surrounded by beautiful trees. I'm looking forward to sharing them with you as the year goes on.

This tree called to me this morning on a mizzly drear day - the branches had a greeny grey hue to them and I could see buds on the ends of the branches. Hope of spring!!

Trees365 32/365

Trees365 32/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Oh what a beautiful morning!
And a lovely afternoon too!

I went for a brisk walk this afternoon (in lieu of a run!) in the Newhall Country Valley Park. Once more I was struck by how fortunate I am to live so near to such a beautiful place for walking, running, cycling, dawdling!

It was good to be going at a pace more conducive to taking in the scenery in more detail - not that I run that fast! - and to be able to take photographs. I took some beauties - and am particularly proud of this one.

A striking tree and the sun going down. Lovely.

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