Trees365 38/365

Trees365 38/365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

couldn't let my trip to Sevilla go by without an orange tree now could I?

This 'naranjo' is in the small street that linked our hotel to the Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera, home of Real Bétis Balompie.

Blissful - orange, olive and jasmine trees in 25 degree heat, the sun shining, a fountain in the middle of the road, dando un paseo a la española :oD


belle said...

This is so beautiful. I have no idea what your last words meant as I am a dullard in the linguistic department, but I do know that this tree if going to be hard to beat and if you have another voting thingy for February then I bet this one will be gettting my vote :o)

Teapot said...

This is lovely too. You can almost smell the oranges on the tree, and the sky so blue and the sense of warmth...........we could all do with Spain!!