Trees365 272:365

Trees365 272:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Getting my tree in early today!

This was taken on Saturday as I walked from Imperial College, London, past the Royal Albert Hall towards Kensington Olympia to catch my train.

Very pleased with how the monument peeks out in the background!

Trees365 271:365

Trees365 271:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Liked this tree in the square behind the Goethe Institut - especially as it was set off by a rather attractive lamp post.

Reminded me of Victorians, or The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Trees365 270:365

Trees365 270:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Just what I wanted to see on a cold day - a lovely olive tree.

Reminds me of sun and summer!

Trees365 269:365

Trees365 269:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Saw these interesting nuts on a tree in Kensington Gardens.

They're not conkers - look like little kiwis! Any ideas?

Trees365 268:365

Trees365 268:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A 'tree from the past' today.

A beautiful tree stands in the centre of the village square in Salignac in the Dordogne where I spent a week learning French.

A wonderful week when I fell back in love with French after being turned off at secondary school.

Very special place!

Trees365 267:365

Trees365 267:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Berries on the tree next door, brightening up a miserable day.

Trees365 266:365

Trees266:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today's tree was 'spotted' during the Birmingham PMFL conference at Highbury Hall today.

Photograph could be better but as it was spoilt by the sun streaming through the windows, I'm not moaning!

Trees365 265:365

Today's tree come courtesy of Learn Something Everyday

Interesting eh?

Trees365 264:365

Trees365 264:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I like this tree - it's always interesting.

Love these knobbly bits juxtaposed with the fluffy bits!

Trees365 263:365

Trees365 263:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Sutton Park - and another lovely tree.

Went for a run today and broke 10 minute miles on a 5 mile+ run. Whoop!

Trees365 262:365

Trees365 262:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.


it's my tree's 'good' year so Saturday and Sunday were spent picking apples and making things!

The house smells of chutney!

Trees365 261:365

Trees365361:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Back to Sutton Coldfield today.

This tree was snapped through the car window. I like the raindrops at the top!

Trees365 260:365

A stunning photograph by Les Haines as part of his #365 pic challenge.

What a beautiful treetrunk!

Trees365 259:365

IMG_0515, originally uploaded by jomcleay.

Another Flickr pic from a friend.

Taken by Jo Mcleay, I love the buds on the tiny branch.

Trees365 258:365

Trees365 258:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Taken in the car park of Fairfax School, I like this tree silhouetted against the pinky purple sky.

Trees365 257:365

2010-09-11 11.01.41, originally uploaded by niiloa.

A beautiful tree picture taken by my eTwinning buddy Nilloa.

He's so much better at photography than me!

Trees365 256:365

Trees365 256:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

I'm getting very good at wandering along the street and taking photographs of random trees that catch my eye.

This is one of them!

Trees365 255:365

Trees365 255:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Very proud Mummy!

Jude (aged 8) did this for the front of his homework book.

i have commissioned another for my birthday!

Trees365 254:365

Trees365 254:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

A lovely place this - Aberdulais Waterfalls. The site of an old tin works, now run by the National Trust. These lovely trees were taken from the top of the waterwheel, powered by the waterfall.

Trees365 253:365

Trees365 253:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Nostalgia for Wales, and specifically Singleton Park.

There are so many beautiful trees there. This might just be the tallest!

Trees365 252:365

DSC01119, originally uploaded by lisibo.

This picture reminds me of something from Merlin with a tree growing from the lake!

Trees365 251:365

Trees365 251:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Meadow Platt by Town Gate in Sutton Park.

That stream is great for pond dipping!

Trees365 250:365

Trees365 250:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

The second postcard. This I think is Bracebridge Pool. I ran past it today!

Trees365 249:365

Trees365 249:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

The first of three postcards of Sutton park that we're sending from Whitehouse Common to people around the world via PostCrossing.

Trees365 248:365

A very unusual tree today - courtesy of Catherine Cheater who sent the link to this tattoo! it was done in Los Angeles on a man called Joseph Solano and is an Immi tattoo.

Perhaps I should get one?

Trees365 247:365

Today's tree is a guest one.

It comes courtesy of Gillian Penny who is headteacher of Gavinburn Primary and an ADE amongst other claims to fame!

Her apple tree, nearly ready for picking, is looking rather good!

If it weren't so far, I'd go scrumping!

Trees365 246:365

Trees365 246:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today I went to BBC Television Centre in Wood Lane, London.

So exciting!

In fact, so exciting that i forgot to take a tree picture until I was back at Euston. So here's a lovely tree just outside Euston Station.

Trees365 245:365

Trees365 245:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Not exactly a tree, more like an ex-tree!

An almost sculptural tree stump!

Trees365 244:365

Trees365 244:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Singleton Park, Swansea

Love it!

One of many lovely tree.