Trees365 236:365

Trees365 236:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Today was a typical British summer day - one minute glorious sun, the next, pouring rain.

I managed to (more or less) dodge showers to walk to the library and back to fetch a couple of library books I'd reserved.

Seemed appropriate on the day that libraries are being slated as out of favour and out of touch that I make good use of one to save me money buying a book that will be read within a day or two. Added to the financial benefit, our local one is shut due to asbestos but the next nearest is up a steep hill so I get exercise too!

This tree was shot on the way home through the Country Valley Park. It looked a bit fragile and weedy in the wind but was holding its own. Bit like the way I feel sometimes - about to be snapped in half if I don't dig my heels in!