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Trees365 - review of 2010

So, 2010 is over, and that means my Trees365 challenge is at an end :o(

I won't stop taking tree pictures as I still love the variety, beauty and wonder of trees - in fact, I'm pretty certain that there will be many trees featuring on Window365.

Here is a slideshow of trees featured this year (bar a few that were guests and a few that 'got away') Enjoy!

Lisibo's 2011 challenge is....

Here we are at the end of 2010, and I'm about to post my final tree on Trees365.

I'm sad to reach the end of my Trees365 project as I've enjoyed doing it. It's made me look more at the world around me and I've appreciated the beauty of trees even more than I did previously.

Often I take for granted the beauty of the area in which I live and work, and how fortunate I am. A conversation with a teacher from a school no more than 6 miles away from mine who told me that her pupils would love even 1/10 of our school grounds really brought this home to me.

So, in 2011, I want to continue to make myself look up and out from my own little bubble and am therefore starting a new challenge - Window on my world 365

a view from a window for each day of 2011. I expect I'll have guest pictures as this year - in fact, I'm encouraging it - and I hope I can keep going as I have this year.

So here's to my new challenge!

I wonder what we'll see through the .....arched window.

Trees365 365:365

Snow in the Country Valley Park

My final tree picture!

I chose this one as it features some of my favourite trees on a beautiful day. I may have to post another later on today but I've planned this one as it's been so foggy for the last few days.

Trees365 364:365

Trees365 364:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Penultimate tree pic of the year!

Taken on my first run in ten days - hard, but it was good to be in my beautiful Country Valley Park.

Trees365 363:365

Tree in Fog, originally uploaded by José Picardo.

Another guest tree today as this is so much better than my attempt to take a foggy tree picture.

Thanks José x

Trees365 362:365

Winter Tree, originally uploaded by troutcolor.

A stunning picture from troutcolour aka John Johnston.

I love the magical quality of the the shimmering light, and all the tiny twigs and branches.

Trees365 361:365

Trees365 361:365, originally uploaded by lisibo.

Back to Iceland for today's picture.

I actually took this on Christmas Day but it's too good to waste. Look at the sky!

And I suspect there may be a few more Iceland pictures coming soon too.